E.S.C.A.P.E. Survival Challenge

Proposed Itinerary: The following is a living, breathing document taht is subject to change as plans become clear. For the best 'up to date' information, we have a blog set up so everyone can follow along with Harold and Derek.  Stay tuned.

Note this route was chosen because we received word that Lemiti meadow was impassable without leaving the PCT for a significant distance and no simple route bypassing and reintersecting with the PCT was feasible.


• January 2nd, 2010, Sunday
Projected Departure, 7am, leaving from Salem, Oregon
Driving past Detroit Lake up Hwy 46 to FS-4220 towards Breitenbush Lake. This is our 'drop off' point.
Back Pack to Horseshoe Lake Campsite. 

• January 3rd, 2010, Monday
Day Two Travel to Olallie Lake, Camp 10 campground.

• January 4th, 2010, Tuesday

Day Three Travel past Olallie Lake and around the base of Olallie Butte past the Lower lake trailhead to Triangle Lake Equestrian camp.

• January 5th, 2010, Wednesday

Day four Travel north past Olallie meadow past Lemiti Butte to Lemiti Creek near forest service access road 125

• January 6th, Thursday

Day five Travel a short distance north and cut east on 4230 which cuts north between West Pinhead Butte and South Pinhead butte.

• January 7th, Friday

Day Six continue north past Trapper meadow and on to Warm Springs cabin for food first food drop.

Note: There is some concern about traveling thru Trapper meadow in the area of warm springs meadow because of higher than normal water levels in the marshy areas.

• January 8th, Saturday

Day Seven cut west to intersect with 4210. Travel North to FS 350 and Sheep spring. Cut back east to Summit Lake.

• January 9th, Sunday

Day Eight continue to travel east to intersect with 42, travel north to power line and head east. Cut north and follow stone creek until we reach stone creek quarry.

• January 10th, Monday

Day Nine we will be Traveling north past Clackamas lake reconnecting with the PCT and on to Timothy Lake.

• January 11th, Tuesday

Day ten head north on the PCT and cut off on the equestrian trail follow to 58 for second food drop.

• January 12th, Wednesday

Day eleven continue north down and back out of the Salmon River canyon and past mud creek ridge hopefully all the way to 2656.

• January 13th, Thursday

Day twelve head north past Trillium Lake and on to Government camp!

• January 14th, Friday

Day Thirteen travel the Oregon trail west to Laurel hill.

• January 15th, Saturday

Day Fourteen travel to ZigZag.

• January 16th, Sunday

• January 17th, Monday

• January 18th, Tuesday

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